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The discs can be bought for SEK 100 plus transport costs. Please place yor order through the contact page and tell the name of the disc, your name and adress. The disc and an invoice will be sent to you by post.
På tu man hand
Polska in d-minor after Viksta-Lasse
At a peasant wedding, Wilhelm Gelotte
Waltz to Karlis, Hans Dhejne
Polska from Jungfrudansen, Benny Johansson
Wedding march from Jämtland - trad
Song from Östbjörka - trad. Petra Dhejne
Blåsens polska, trad
Waltz after August Bohlin, Uppland
Schottis after VIksta-Lasse, Uppland
Herding tune after Eric Nilsson
Polska from Hotagen after Eric Nilsson
Waltz after the Lap-king
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