These pictures are taken from inside our bedroom and out through the window during some very cold winter days. In reality each image is only 5x5 millimmetre and enlarged to 40x40 centimetres. An ice crystal is sort of a prisma taking up all the colours of the light and showing a certain shade depending on how the light falls and how the surrounding mirrors in the crystal. Those shades are enforced by me
    The prints are produced in a limited edition in "giclée fine art printing". It is a printing method with real colour pigments which guarantees a very long durability. The price fo a numbered and signed print is SEK 1 500.  If you want a frame and/or a passe-partout the costs for those will be added as well as the costs for transport. If you are interested please send a message through the contact page and  I will get in touch with you for details.

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